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Boho Bag -Satin Sari (assorted colours)
SKU : K40
Over shoulder bag , inside zippered pocket, outside pockets.
$14.50 each.  Sold in 6 packs ($87.00)
Fabric:  Up-cycled one-of-a-kind Satin Saris   
Buying Instructions
1.  The 6 pack will come in an assortment of Print & Colours.  The fabric used is Up-Cycled Saris, each piece is unique! 
2.  Enter a Quantity (number of 6 packs you would like).
Note: If you do not see the options you are looking for please contact us, we are here to help!
Guru would also love to hear your feedback to make this ordering process as simple as possible for our Valued Customers.
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Why Guru

Guru practices fair trade principles and is committed to creating clothing in an ethical manner. We are a different kind of fashion business giving our customers an alternative to fast fashion. Guru collaborates with local artisans in Rajasthan from design to handmade production. We have worked in India for almost 2 decades with family run businesses.

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